Neighborhood Trio

Neighborhood Trio: Neighborhood Trio

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Artist: Neighborhood Trio
Title: Neighborhood Trio

The 11 tracks on the CD swing, bounce, and fly, beginning with the 'Motown Sound' opener Shag which highlights the adept soloing and interplay of Roehm and Schwartz. The tune, Conundrum departs slightly, offering a relatively quirky harmonic spin right into the percussive vibraphone showcase, First Impression. The music settles easily into the fourth track, Simmer, a foggy, bluesy piece which balances quality composition with quality chops that would be right at home in any Jazz club. However, don't mistake these guys for a common Jazz trio. Puddles falls into fun, pop territory with a contemplative twist while Move Your Feet, Cluster Cuss, Every Day is a Holiday, juxtapose hard grooves with floating melodies. After School Special and Sally's Pool Party are the most danceable tunes on the CD while extending a hip nod to the television themes of the 1970's. The album closer, Sweetness, is a perfectly dreamy nightcap.

1.1 Shag
1.2 Conundrum
1.3 First Impression
1.4 Simmer
1.5 Puddles
1.6 Move Your Feet
1.7 Cluster Cuss
1.8 After School Special
1.9 Every Day Is a Holiday
1.10 Sally's Pool Party
1.11 Sweetness

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