Nelson Paiva

Nelson Paiva: Martian Cool

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Nelson Paiva

Title: Martian Cool
Label: CD Baby

MARTIAN COOL: conceived, composed, performed and recorded by Nelson Paiva in his home studio on the planet Earth. Tired of all the noise and chaos on this planet? Why not take a trip to the beautiful, exotic and strange planet Mars? Martian Cool will help you get there with the use of melodies, rhythms and sounds normally not heard on Earth bound recordings. 1. Martian Cool - Starts out with the sound of a booted foot landing on the dusty Martian soil. It captures the stopping and starting heartbeat and the breathlessness of taking in the mysterious and beautiful view. 2. Mars-Earth Blues - It seems even on a planet like Mars, you can get down at being so far away from home. 3. Voices From Dust - The sounds of work with the Martian dust being disturbed and swirling all around. What might this dust 'say'? 4. Valles Marineris - This is the Grand Canyon of Mars with adrenalin pumping and your heart racing at the grandeur and scale, descending down to cover as much area as fast as possible. 5. Ancient Echoes - Through the thin Martian atmosphere some sounds are audible, but because weather phenomenon are quite rare, save for an occasional dust storm, it is quite possible the sounds being heard today were created a long, long time ago. 6. Blue Beauty Spinning - Earth is the Blue Beauty, spinning for all to see. Look closely and you might catch a glimpse of this small, brilliant blue light in the star filled black sky, and enjoy the most natural of all beauties in the solar system. 7. Phobos and Deimos - Mars two moons although irregular in shape, one is coarse and the other is smooth, both seem to be related and needed tp have their own 'song'. 8. Planitia Cydonia - In the Planitia and Cydonia regions will reveal shapes covered by dust of what appears to be ruins from a long time ago. 9. Flutian - Imagine an instrument that looks and sounds like a flute, but can only be heard properly if it is waved, like a wand in the thin Martian atmosphere. 10. Love of the Ancients - Such an interesting planet, that if once inhabited, the ancients would have surely loved living on it. 11. Home Planet Blues - Although on an emotional high that no other human being has ever experienced, again we start to miss home, that being the good old Earth. 12. Martian Bye - Leaving this mysterious planet much the same way we came, in wonder, beauty and peace.

1.1 Martian Cool
1.2 Mars-Earth Blues
1.3 Voices from Dust
1.4 Valles Marineris
1.5 Ancient Echoes
1.6 Blue Beauty Spinning
1.7 Phobos and Deimos
1.8 Planitia Cydonia
1.9 Flutian
1.10 Love of the Ancients
1.11 Home Plane Blues
1.12 Martian Bye

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