Neolithic: Cult Of Ignorance

Neolithic: Cult Of Ignorance
Title: Cult Of Ignorance
Label: Deep Six Records
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Seven inch vinyl pressing. Neolithic Cult of Ignorance EP. Baltimore's Neolithic emerge from the depths with their debut EP Cult of Ignorance. The band, featuring current and former members of Pulling Teeth, Swarm Of The Lotus, and Putrisect amalgamate the guttural and horrifying sounds of underground death metal with hardcore's confrontational and violent edge. The EP, recorded at Developing Nations Recording (Integrity, Full Of Hell, Noisem, and more) contains vitriolic tracks of teeth-gnashing, aural warfare. Neolithic carry the torch for the scene's new blood and Cult of Ignorance is their ultimate statement of intent. Death Awaits!

1.1 Blinded
1.2 Rapacity
1.3 Cult of Ignorance

Neolithic: Cult Of Ignorance

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Product-type:7-INCH SINGLE

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