Nerftoss: Nerftoss : Maiden Powers

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Artist: Nerftoss

Artist: Nerftoss
Title: Nerftoss : Maiden Powers
Product Type: VINYL LP

Nerftoss "Maiden Powers" is an album by which to better appreciate the days that we have. John Jones, maybe known to some as a riffer in Baltimore band Dope Body, has made a record more interested in the light filling the room than the architecture itself. Half serious half playful the album works with pop concepts that often drift into fierce forms of sonic exploration that then lead back to a familiar listening space.

1.1 Mediums
1.2 Calibur
1.3 Bounty Sweat
1.4 Reaching
1.5 Bottomless
1.6 Porsch
1.7 Dream of Pennies
1.8 Binje
1.9 Plaza Entrance
1.10 Your Highness
1.11 Industry Portal
1.12 Corner Prophet

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