Nertum: Consciousness Awakened

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Nertum

Artist: Nertum
Title: Consciousness Awakened

Nertum is the collaborative force of Serbian Psych luminaries Lyktum and Nerso. Following on from their exceptional Metaphysical Energy EP, they launch their first full length release on the Sourcecode Transmissions imprint. Consciousness Awakening embodies the sound of true multidimensional Trance, a vast complex soundworld that is groundbreaking and yet tapping right into the zeitgeist of '90s nostalgia with crystalline arpeggiated patterns and sublime, spiralling melodies intwined with relentless banging grooves ranging from 138 to 142 BPM. These are not tracks, these are motherships.

1.1 Cosmic Fields
1.2 Metaphysical Energy
1.3 Infinite Voyage
1.4 Magic Forces
1.5 Transcending Dimension
1.6 Universal Code
1.7 Consciousness Awakened
1.8 Fractal Geometry
1.9 Equilibrium Temple

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