Netherfell: Between East & West

Netherfell: Between East & West
Artist: Netherfell
Title: Between East & West

2015 debut album by Netherfell and it delivers exactly what the title promises. The Polish band successfully merges medieval influences of both Eastern and Western Europe into one big picture. This sound is joined by heavy metal guitars and shouts. The unusual cocktail mixed of metalcore and folk may best be enjoyed in person!

1.1 Intro - Rozdroza
1.2 Ghost of Kurgan - Upior Kurhanu
1.3 Towards Fertile Lands - Ku Plodnym Ziemiom
1.4 Raven - Kruk
1.5 Light and Shadow - Swiatlo I Cien
1.6 The Gathering
1.7 The Highlander
1.8 Woods of the Dead - Las Umarych
1.9 Little Horse - Konik Zmok I Jo Zmok
1.10 Mice Tower
1.11 Cross of the Sun
1.12 Dreamcatcher
1.13 Mokosz

Netherfell: Between East & West

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