Never Shout Never

Never Shout Never: Year One

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Never Shout Never
Title: Year One

YEAR ONE is a collection of NSN's early self-released EPs along with five unreleased tracks. The release includes the ME & MY UKE EP, 30 Days single, the DEMO-SHEMO EP, along with five exclusive tracks and other tracks.

1.1 Heregoesnothin
1.2 Bigcitydreams
1.3 Smelyalata
1.4 Dare4Distance
1.5 Uraltalk
1.6 Trouble
1.7 Did It Hurt?
1.8 Your Biggest Fan
1.9 30 Days
1.10 Smelyalata [Demo Version]
1.11 Myfriendjane [Demo Version]
1.12 Dare4Distance [Demo Version]
1.13 Shesgotstyle [Demo Version]
1.14 Overtheyears [Demo Version]
1.15 Loversloveliarslie [Demo Version]

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