New Bomb Turks

New Bomb Turks: Scared Straight

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Product Type: CD
Artist: New Bomb Turks

Title: Scared Straight
Label: Epitaph

Hailing from Columbus OH, these guys have punked their collective ass off for over six years, gaining a huge fan base and selling 65,000 records along the way. And like every good punk band with a new release out, they tour like crazy. Tracks include "Bachelor's High," "Cultural Elite Sign-up Sheet," "Jeers of a Clown," "Shoot the Offshoot," "Professional Againster" and "Look Alive Jive."

1.1 Hammerless Nail
1.2 Bachelor's High
1.3 Professional Againster
1.4 Cultural Elite Sign-Up Sheet
1.5 Jukebox Lean
1.6 Jeers of a Clown
1.7 Look Alive Jive
1.8 Staring Down the Gift Horse
1.9 Shoot the Offshoot
1.10 Drop What You're Doin'
1.11 Telephone Numbrrr
1.12 Wrest Your Hands

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