New Eden Orchestra: Vikings

New Eden Orchestra: Vikings
Title: Vikings
Label: CD Baby

Eight years have passed since 'Anyman' was born and NEO has produced an equally fabulous endeavor in 'Vikings.' It has been 2 1/2 years now that the composer, Michael Lunn, passed away. Since that sad event the band members have spent their time and energy fullfilling his goal of recording his music. What a remarkable job they've done! The title track, Vikings, is an epic tale consisting of 9 tracks and 28 minutes. It takes you on a voyage so real that you see a story unfold while you can almost smell the salty sea air. A magnificent piece of music filled with powerful sounds and contrasts in rhythms. Very possibly this is Mike's masterpiece. An interesting tune for a change of pace comes in the rhythmic and keyboard-laden tune, Anytown. Beautiful lyrics were added to Final Peace expressing the emotions of band members after losing their friend. Super Monkey is a fun farce sure to make you smile! Written about a widow living in a Victorian house, Katherine Ives is a slower-paced, sweet song. Mike's Final Peace is a hauntingly beautiful and sad instrumental melody featuring sounds of bagpipes, guitar, and keys. Mikes influences to name a few were, Yes, Genesis, ELP, Kansas, Pink Floyd, Gentle Giant.

1.1 Prelude
1.2 Home Fires
1.3 The Voyage
1.4 On the Continent
1.5 Behind the Veil (Boys Will Be Boys)
1.6 Flight to the Coast
1.7 Transcendental Lamentation
1.8 Home for the Holidays
1.9 Fair Wind to Valhalla
1.10 Anytown
1.11 Final Peace
1.12 Super Monkey
1.13 Katherine Ives
1.14 Mike's Final Peace

New Eden Orchestra: Vikings

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