New Foundation: Goin Places

New Foundation: Goin Places
Title: Goin Places
Label: CD Baby

Stirring-the-soul and moving-the-feet are themes at the heart of New Foundation's freshman CD, Goin' Places. Every song on the CD varies, still there's an air of familiarity that links each tune. Songs like "Patricia" and "Sincere" honestly and personally connect to the listener with depth and emotional heft. The realness is rare and deepens the listener's appreciation. While tunes like "Yo Tengo Tango", "Chocolate " and "Max Anna Split" push way pass the edge with danceable rhythms full of energetic bursts juxtaposed against the quieter moments. The sound strobes the mind with a fresh approach not often associated with the genre. Goin' Places is lively and well paced with an unusually warm and approachable feel. Each tune has it's place in creating the greater whole. It's "visible" to the ear how a broader perspective on the smooth jazz genre has come from this collaboration. New Foundation is Goin' Places, and we're happy to be along for the ride.

1.1 Goin' Places
1.2 Carried Away
1.3 Before I Let Go
1.4 Holdin' on
1.5 Chocolate
1.6 Get Away
1.7 Yo Tengo Tango
1.8 Patricia (With All My Love)
1.9 Sincere
1.10 It Just Don't Stop
1.11 Tonight I Creep
1.12 Max Anna Split

New Foundation: Goin Places

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