New School Dropouts

New School Dropouts: Bring Back Shaka

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Title: Bring Back Shaka
Label: CD Baby

The New School Dropouts infuse reggae overtones with a new-rock movement searching for deeper, head-bouncing bass grooves and soulful, conscious lyricism. Wailing, in-your-face trombone licks add a standout dimension to their sound, and flares of light hip-hop showcase the New School Dropouts' ability to break out of the rock-genre barrier. Fans of Sublime appreciate the New School Dropouts' rock-steady and dancehall rhythms. Their harmonious lyrical exchange and chomping guitar distortion are compared to the likes of 311, and the New School Dropouts' seamless transition to roots reggae draws inspiration from many reggae legends such as Bob Marley. Formed in 2003, this "rock-a-dub" crew from Florida's east coast sparks with high energy and good vibes in the midst of their laidback, beachside lifestyle. When hurricanes destroyed 3 member's houses in 2004, the New School Dropouts never put down their instruments. Their music provided an escape from the reality of loss and fueled their drive to rock more house parties and venues throughout Florida. In 2005, the New School Dropouts performed on some of the most respected stages in Central Florida, including opening for Damian Marley at Universal Studios. In September of 2005, they received airplay on Orlando's rock station 105.9FM and were named O-Rock's Band of the Week. The New School Dropouts' debut album Bring Back Shaka was released in 2006 and features 16 original tracks. The word "shaka", a Hawaiian term often used by surfers, means "everything's cool". The songs express this attitude in moving storylines about relationships with girlfriends; money and alcohol; and worldly topics of unity and spirituality. Armed with an energetic live show, Bring Back Shaka should prove to be a powerful weapon as the New School Dropouts mobilize and prepare to bring their music to the tune in and dropout!

1.1 Bring Back Shaka
1.2 Tragic Dub
1.3 Ras DJ
1.4 Revelation
1.5 United
1.6 Divided Dub
1.7 Old Friend
1.8 Witness
1.9 One More Time
1.10 Highway 101
1.11 Monster Hole
1.12 Dangerous
1.13 Prodigy
1.14 Suddenly Smilin
1.15 Indian
1.16 Tragic Dub (Emprov Remix)

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