Nicanor Zabaleta

Nicanor Zabaleta: New Age Harp - Old Age Music

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Artist: Nicanor Zabaleta
Title: New Age Harp - Old Age Music

Nicanor Zabaleta was one of the most important harpists of the 20th century, as important to the advancement of the harp as Segovia was to the guitar. These classic audiophile recordings have been newly remastered.

1.1 Spohr - Fantasy, Op. 35
1.2 Parish-Alvars - Three Romances
1.3 Dizi - Two Etudes
1.4 Glinka - Nocturne
1.5 Ruiz de Ribayas - Hachas and Pavane
1.6 Anonymous - Seguidillas
1.7 De Huete - Italian Song with Variations
1.8 Coelho - Tento
1.9 Naderman - Sonatina (Allegro and Tempo Di Menuetto)
1.10 Labarre - Caprice

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