Nick Drake

Nick Drake: Family Tree

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Artist: Nick Drake

Artist: Nick Drake
Title: Family Tree
Product Type: VINYL LP

2014 2X vinyl LP pressing reissue of the 2007 compilation packaged in a gatefold sleeve culled & curated by his former associates and his estate representatives. Includes an 8-page book, with an intimate "letter" to Nick from his sister, Gabrielle; a firsthand account by Robin Frederick from their brief time in Aix en Provence, France, where a portion of this material was recorded; and a childhood memoir from Andrew Hicks. The music in this release is as compelling and revealing a tale of early Nick Drake as the written accounts in the booklet.'Family Tree' provides an insight into Nick's early songwriting exploits, as well as the songs he covered, along with recorded appearances by his sister & mother, Molly.

1.1 All My Trials (Feat. Nick and Gabrielle Drake)
1.2 Been Smoking Too Long
1.3 Betty and Dupree
1.4 Bird Flew By
1.5 Black Mountain Blues
1.6 Blossom
1.7 Blues Run the Game
1.8 Cocaine Blues
1.9 Come Into the Garden
1.10 Come Into the Garden (Introduction)
1.11 Day Is Done
1.12 Do You Ever Remember?
1.13 Here Come the Blues
1.14 If You Leave Me
1.15 Kegelstatt Trio for Clarinet, Viola and Piano (Feat. the Family Trio)
1.16 Kimbie
1.17 Milk and Honey
1.18 My Baby's So Sweet
1.19 Paddling in Rushmere
1.20 Poor Mum (Feat. Molly Drake)
1.21 Rain
1.22 Sketch 1
1.23 Strange Meeting II
1.24 Strolling Down the Highway
1.25 They're Leaving Me Behind
1.26 Time Piece
1.27 Tomorrow Is a Long Time
1.28 Winter Is Gone
1.29 Way to Blue

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