Nick Pride & the Pimptones

Nick Pride & the Pimptones: Rejuiced Phat Shake

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Nick Pride & the Pimptones
Title: Rejuiced Phat Shake
Product Type: VINYL LP

1.1 Rejuiced Phat Shake
1.2 Take Care of My Love (Feat. Susan Hamilton)
1.3 Second Hand Wife (Feat. Jess Roberts)
1.4 Why Does My Man Got to Be So Tough (Feat. Beth MacAri)
1.5 Soul Food Strut
1.6 Everything's Better in the Summertime
1.7 Non Stop (Feat. Dubble O
1.8 Walkin' Out the Door
1.9 It's a Love Thing (Feat. Courtney Velecia)
1.10 Interlude
1.11 Wanna Treat You Right (Feat. Micka Moran Parker)
1.12 Go with It (Feat. Renegade Brass Bound
1.13 99 Reasons (Feat. Lane Thomas Hewitt)
1.14 Hex on My Soul (Feat, Courtney

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