Nickelman: Mangoes

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Nickelman

Title: Mangoes
Label: Urbnet
Product Type: VINYL LP

Japanese beat maker Yuki Kitano's commitment to music began when he was thirteen, crediting skateboarding culture as his intro to the sound of hip hop. Better known as NICKELMAN, he started making beats with a MPC2000XL and later in 2008 established the independent record label deepconstructionrecords in his home city of Osaka. Along with his close crew of artists, the label released several NICKELMAN, Sugarau and Frogman records to name a few. Working collaboratively with fellow beat maker Frogman, the duo began putting out music under Freemanz Production.   NICKELMAN's work is inspired by the likes of rare groove, jazz, soul, and beat culture. As a follow up to his 2020 release titled Butterwax, he is set to release Mangoes, a twelve track instrumental LP, in May 202'. Using an MPC2000XL, SP-303, and Tape Echo, the record was produced entirely in NICKLEMAN's home studio. Each track was recorded on to cassette tapes and then compressed.   Mangoes is full of fine beats and will certainly attract hip hop junkies and vinyl diggers around the world.

1.1 Fresh Juice
1.2 Affection
1.3 Dedicate
1.4 Just for You
1.5 Melthing
1.6 Night Sky
1.7 Midnight Peeps Pt.2
1.8 Never
1.9 True
1.10 Skywalker 079
1.11 Call Me
1.12 Ally

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