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Nico & Vinz: Black Star Elephant

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Artist: Nico & Vinz

Artist: Nico & Vinz
Title: Black Star Elephant

2014 release, the debut album from the African-Norwegian duo. Nico & Vinz are the artists behind 'Am I Wrong', the uplifting keep-on-dreaming song that went to #1 in multiple countries. BLACK STAR ELEPHANT features 13 tracks and seven interludes, which, according to a press release, pay homage to their parents' nationalities. In addition to their album, Nico & Vinz have also recorded a new song dubbed 'Find a Way.' the track was inspired by the film the Good Lie.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Am I Wrong
1.3 Last Time
1.4 Leave Us
1.5 Know What I'm Not
1.6 Miracles
1.7 New in Town
1.8 My Melody
1.9 Powerful
1.10 Another Day
1.11 People
1.12 Runnin'
1.13 Imagine
1.14 In Your Arms
1.15 Homeless
1.16 Lakota
1.17 Thought I Knew
1.18 Arrival
1.19 When the Day Comes
1.20 Kokadinye
1.21 Imaa Imaa

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