Nigel Harpur

Nigel Harpur: Collage

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Artist: Nigel Harpur

Artist: Nigel Harpur
Title: Collage

This music flows from so many influences; all the music I have loved is poking it's head up over the window sill... traces of The Beatles that I loved as a kid; the many great blues artists, like Elmore James, that inspired me to expand my playing beyond the contemporary acoustic finger picking style I had learnt from the tunes of Bert Jansch and others; the wonderful Peter Green and Dave Gilmour had a strong effect on me with their aching melancholic playing; Frank Zappa took over my whole blinkin' life for years! Lowell George and Little Feat; George Duke, EW&F, Jean Luc Ponty, Mahavishnu Orchestra... I could go on listing but enough's enough. This album took several years to write and record, I'm quite proud of it to be honest and so pleased to be able to release it. The music is basically what 'pooted out' of my melting-pot-head (no pun intended) and I hope it gives pleasure in the listening.

1.1 Noggin
1.2 Pad Pod
1.3 Now That You're Gone
1.4 In Cleo's Eyes
1.5 Straight on Till Morning
1.6 Agitar los Gránulos de Salsa
1.7 Watching the Rain
1.8 Murphy's Jazz
1.9 Seaside Rock
1.10 No... Not Really

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