Night Surgeon

Night Surgeon: Day for Night

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Artist: Night Surgeon

Artist: Night Surgeon
Title: Day for Night

Night Surgeon: Patrick Replogle-Vocals, Guitars, Synths John Boyd- Drums, Piano All songs written by Patrick Replogle Recorded at the Map Room Studio (Portland, OR) August '10 Produced and mixed by Gabriel Espinosa Engineered by Patrick Replogle and Gabriel Espinosa Mastered by Ryan Foster at Freq Mastering Artwork by Aidan 'Brute' Hughes "Night Surgeon grab your hand and take you through their personal sonic landscapes of musical bliss. These songs drip with passion and sharp musicianship. You won't want to let go because their music will fix and heal your soul. Surgeon's indeed." (Will Oliver, We All Want Someone To Shout For) "Portland, Oregon-based twosome Night Surgeon-composed of Patrick Replogle and John Boyd, who are both Berklee alum-aren't your typical flash in the pan electronic band who hope to spend most of their fleeting fifteen minutes accumulating hype without the sonic chops to back it up. Instead, this Pacific Northwest outfit create complex yet accessible songs that are deliciously effervescent without the throw-away frivolity." (Hauley Kaufman, Oakazine Magazine) Usually when reviewing an album, I would pick out particular songs as being "highlights", however on this occasion I thought every song on the album deserved a mention, as I thoroughly enjoyed every one of them!" (Stephen Chadwick, Noise Porn) "Electronic pop with a strong emphasis on purpose and intent. Injecting a bit of soul into the machines is a beautiful thing to behold when done correctly and this duo appears to have an idea of how to write songs and add a bit of the "oontz" later." (Billy Suede, The Boy with the Thorn in his Side)

1.1 Color Me Black and White
1.2 Strength in Numbers
1.3 Roman Error
1.4 Brick Moon
1.5 Countrymen
1.6 Better to Be Young
1.7 Heavy Light
1.8 Day for Night
1.9 Let Go

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