Nightporters: Rollercoaster

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Nightporters

Artist: Nightporters
Title: Rollercoaster

This group has risen fast in the past few years & have become one of the finest 1950s-style R&B/blues acts on the British circuit today - sharp suits, valve-rattling guitars & a great sense of showmanship define this hard-working act.

1.1 Just Keep Loving Her
1.2 Stay Out All Night Long
1.3 Slowdown
1.4 That's What You Do to Me
1.5 I Want You
1.6 Until My Baby Left Me (I Didn't Know My Mind)
1.7 Switchback
1.8 Everybody's in the Mood
1.9 Baby Please
1.10 I'm Going to Change My Whole Direction (Fi I Make It Through the Night)
1.11 Wang Dang Doodle
1.12 Cathedral Blues
1.13 Catfish

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