Nightshift M.D. (Kardiac & Space)

Nightshift M.D. (Kardiac & Space): Last Day Sane

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Artist: Nightshift M.D. (Kardiac & Space)
Title: Last Day Sane

NIGHT SHIFT MD, vampires in the day time, was it just her imagination gone wrong??? A street fling run around and a twisted tale about her encounter with a super phonomena, dark night terrors keeping dotors on high alert for suicide, the ungergrounds rotton monster Kardiac as Mr.Edge and the Space you all heard on the cage and camu tao's album release NIGHTHAWKS as Mr.Friday, together form Night Shift MD! Feat Dotor jones and production by Kardiac, Hypnosis and Zehl Christ.

1.1 Hey Kids
1.2 Earth Girls (Re-Vamp)
1.3 Red Dawn
1.4 In House Call
1.5 Drugstore Cowboy
1.6 Girl Interrupted
1.7 Street Fling Run Around
1.8 She Loves Me Not
1.9 Death Row Game Show
1.10 Mr. Friday's Audition Calendart O Rejection
1.11 The Last Day Sane
1.12 Five O'Clock Road Rage Angry Chirst

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