Nikki Sudden

Nikki Sudden: Dark Rags at Dawn

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Artist: Nikki Sudden

Artist: Nikki Sudden
Title: Dark Rags at Dawn
Product Type: VINYL LP

In founding Swell Maps, the post-punk prefacing Birmingham art-snots, Nikki Sudden and his drumming brother Epic Soundtracks charted new territory for racket and corrosive guitar. But after folding Swell Maps at the dawn of the '80s, Nikki Sudden plowed through another decade's worth of terrifically fertile ground. Drawing on his devotion to the Rolling Stones and T. Rex, Nikki Sudden cut a string of raw, inspired rock 'n' roll records, etched with double edged travel melancholia and hard-bitten punk dejection.

1.1 Back to the Coast
1.2 Knife My Heart
1.3 Still Full of Shocks
1.4 I'd Much Rather Be With the Boys
1.5 Stuck On China
1.6 Channel Streamer
1.7 Ringing On My Train
1.8 Curfew Island (The Low Bridge)
1.9 Fashion Cult
1.10 Forest Fire
1.11 New York
1.12 Johnny Smiled Slowly
1.13 All the Gold
2.1 Gold Painted Nails
2.2 English Girls
2.3 Cathy
2.4 Chelsea Embankment
2.5 Bethlehem Castle (Suicide Scarves)
2.6 The Road of Broken Dreams
2.7 Six Hip Princes (All Around the World)
2.8 Out of Egypt
2.9 The Angels Are Calling
2.10 Missionary Boy
2.11 The Only Boy in Heaven
3.1 Big Store
3.2 Kissed You Twice
3.3 Hurt Me More
3.4 Jacobite's Grave
3.5 Kings and Queens
3.6 Silver Street
3.7 Hanging Out the Banners
3.8 Need a Friend
3.9 Little Bird
3.10 Angels in My Arms
3.11 For the Roses
4.1 Big Store
4.2 Snow White
4.3 Fortune of Fame
4.4 Where the River Ends
4.5 Silken Sheets
4.6 Ambulance
4.7 Hearts Are Like Flowers
4.8 It'll All End Up in Tears
4.9 She Never Believes
4.10 All the Dark Rags
4.11 One More String of Pearls
4.12 I Am Just a Broken Heart
4.13 Only Children Sleeping
5.1 Jangle Town
5.2 Death Is Hanging Over Me
5.3 In Your Room
5.4 Glass Eye
5.5 Such a Little Girl
5.6 Broken Tooth
5.7 Dumb Angel
5.8 Basement Blues
5.9 Wedding Dress
5.10 When I Left You
5.11 Captain Kennedy's Lament
5.12 Deppers Bridge
6.1 Rebel Grave
6.2 Sob Story
6.3 Snowplough
6.4 A Quick Thing
6.5 Feather Beds
6.6 Crossroads
6.7 Don't Explain
6.8 Better Blood
6.9 Debutante Blues
7.1 When I Cross the Line
7.2 Before I Leave You
7.3 Dog Latin
7.4 Wooden Leg
7.5 Dog Rose
7.6 How Many Lies?
7.7 Cupful of Change
7.8 Kiss at Dawn
8.1 Back to the Start
8.2 Ringing On My Train

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