Nimby: Not in My Back Yard

Nimby: Not in My Back Yard
Title: Not in My Back Yard
Label: CD Baby

Produced by Nimby & Fabio Magistrali (former producer of greatest Italian rock bands like Afterhours, One Dimensional Man, Marta Sui Tubi, etc.) Recorded and Mixed by Fabio Magistrali at MuSaBa (Mammola, RC, Italy) Mastered by Maurizio Giannotti at Newmastering Studio (Milan, Italy). (MuSaBa is a Museum Park Laboratory, located in the heart of Calabria, in Italy's southernmost mainland province, Reggio Calabria and developed around the remains of an ancient monastery) on November/December 2012. Front cover images are created by Nik Spatari (an international artitist and promoter of MuSaba Park-Lab) Artwork by Arco Parentela NimbySound - 2013.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Thin Lines Among Them
1.3 Day Hospital
1.4 Sleeping
1.5 Not in My Back Yard
1.6 Church of Reason
1.7 Cinema
1.8 All Dogs Go to Heaven
1.9 Summer
1.10 Rubber Moon

Nimby: Not in My Back Yard

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