Nimrod B.C.

Nimrod B.C.: God Of War And Chaos

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Artist: Nimrod B.C.

Artist: Nimrod B.C.
Title: God Of War And Chaos

2017 release. Nimrod B.C. is a thrash metal Band which is around since 1985, founded by guitarist Chris Ira. In 1988 their first demo tape Time of Changes was released. It was a great success in the back then tape trader scene and got good reactions in magazines all over the world. In 1990, they got their first record deal, but the album was never released due different reasons in and outside the band. Chris was frustrated about the whole situation and left the band for some years. In 2004, the band decided to release the old demo remastered with some unreleased studio tracks and live recordings, before another break was done. Five years later Chris decided that it is time to reform the beast and started a new chapter under the Nimrod B.C. banner, together with Fernando Gonzales (bass), Cesar Anazco (guitar, ex Necrosis), Rodrigo Cerda (drums) and singer Leonardo Caballero. After their comeback, they played major festivals in Chile, Argentina and big festivals in South America with bands like Twisted Sister, Voivod, Morbid Angel among others. God Of War And Chaos was produced by Chris himself at the Noctambulus Studios in Chile, before it was mixed in London by Darren Carikas. The mastering was done by one of the metal gurus, Bill Metoyer, who is well known for his work with Slayer, Dark Angel, Wasp, Sacred Reich and many more. The album features the new vocalist Gary Wayne, which was recruited to bring that one special tone to the Nimrod B.C. music.

1.1 Introduction to Revolution
1.2 Revolution Evilution
1.3 Catastrophic Prophecies
1.4 God of War ; Chaos
1.5 Frontal Assault
1.6 Winds
1.7 They Shall Not Pass
1.8 Fukushima 666
1.9 At the Borders of the Mind
1.10 Metal Masters

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