Nina Nastasia

Nina Nastasia: You Follow Me

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Nina Nastasia

Artist: Nina Nastasia
Title: You Follow Me

A collection of new songs written by Nina Nastasia and Jim White from 'The Dirty Three'. Nina's rare gift of a voice produces hook laden songs about love, longing and loss, whilst Jim Whites songwritting who has been made famous recently by working with the likes of Will Oldham, Nick Cave and Snog that produces a rare songwritter talent creating a deul and duet between artists.

1.1 I've Been Out Walking
1.2 I Write Down Lists
1.3 Odd Said the Doe
1.4 The Day I Would Bury You
1.5 Our Discussion
1.6 In the Evening
1.7 There Is No Train
1.8 Late Night
1.9 How Will You Love Me
1.10 I Come After You

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