Nina Persson

Nina Persson: Animal Heart

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Nina Persson

Artist: Nina Persson
Title: Animal Heart
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2014 debut solo album from the Swedish songstress, best known as the lead vocalist in the Cardigans and a Camp. Animal Heart was written and produced by Nina along with her husband film composer/novelist Nathan Larson (A Camp, Shudder to Think) and Eric D. Johnson (The Shins, Fruit Bats). Says Nina: 'The most difficult and maybe also the best thing about going solo is probably all the decisions you make alone. Somewhere inside, I have a very clear clock, a gut feeling, that says what I think. I have forced myself to just keep going and follow only my gut with this album. I have simply no time to dwell on things anymore which I did a lot before.'

1.1 Animal Heart
1.2 Burning Bridges for Fuel
1.3 Dreaming of Houses
1.4 Clip Your Wings
1.5 Jungle
1.6 Digestif
1.7 Food for the Beast
1.8 Forgot to Tell You
1.9 Catch Me Crying
1.10 The Grand Destruction Game
1.11 Silver
1.12 This Is Heavy Metal

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