Nina Simone

Nina Simone: Wild Is the Wind

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Nina Simone

Title: Wild Is the Wind
Label: Verve

Nina's own compositions (Four Women) and songs penned by Van McCoy (Break Down and Let It All Out) are among the highlights on this 1966 Philips LP.

1.1 I Love Your Lovin' Ways - Nina Simone, Benjamin, Bennie
1.2 Four Women - Nina Simone, Simone, Nina
1.3 What More Can I Say? - Nina Simone, Ott, Horace
1.4 Lilac Wine - Nina Simone, Shelton, James
1.5 That's All I Ask - Nina Simone, Ott, Horace
1.6 Break Down and Let It All Out - Nina Simone, McCoy, Van
1.7 Why Keep on Breaking My Heart - Nina Simone, Benjamin, Bennie
1.8 Wild Is the Wind - Nina Simone, Tiomkin, Dimitri
1.9 Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair - Nina Simone, Traditional
1.10 If I Should Lose You - Nina Simone, Rainger, Ralph
1.11 Either Way I Lose - Nina Simone, McCoy, Van

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