Ninjas with Syringes: Premature

Ninjas W/Syringes: Premature
Title: Premature
Label: CD Baby

Ninjas with Syringes' debut genesis is a landmark delivery of 12 energetic and joyful songs that are complete with bonus content and unrelenting attack. Premature is poised with both rock anthems and engaging lyrical content that embody the characteristics of progressive cult classics stemming from a familiar 90's pop punk SoCal sound that utilizes a modern-day Portland edge and something altogether invigorating. Never settling for less, Premature is armed with a spirit of entrepreneurship targeted for all listeners and hand-crafted to be enjoyed by the young and devious at heart.

1.1 Pedofeelya!
1.2 Happy
1.3 Lips
1.4 Robot
1.5 Turnout
1.6 Plan B
1.7 Useless
1.8 No Motto
1.9 Shitdick
1.10 Ninja Gaiden Is Hard
1.11 Rudy
1.12 Melisma
1.13 Porn Song/White Buffalo

Ninjas with Syringes: Premature

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