Niobe: White Hats

Niobe: White Hats
Title: White Hats
Label: Tomlab
Product Type: VINYL LP

The title track "White Hats", an alpine sort of Country-Lullaby where Niobe sings from the loneliness in a foggy valley where you can see the white snow on the mountain tops, just before total darkness is covering it all, corresponds perfectly to her real Soul Hit "Give All to Love" and might be the perfect companion for her first single release. Nobody would have suggested at the beginning of her work as a sound artist that Niobe is going to write songs such as "Cool Alpine", a song that most certainly would transport Phil Spector back into the mood of the Disco-Funk era. Niobe is managing this challenge with ease but she doesn't actually want to flirt with the disco ball and leaves the song after 2 minutes of pure pop-bliss. Instead she is focusing on the big Pop-panorama on White Hats: Ambient-Bossa-Nova ("Surround the Hover") and Hip Hop with a Gospel touch ("Up Hill And Down Dale") are sitting together in the mountain sun on top of the White Hats.

1.1 Give All to Love
1.2 Well and Wise
1.3 Surround Your Hover
1.4 White Hats
1.5 Touch This Flower
1.6 Phosphorous
1.7 Drei Zinnen
1.8 Up Hill and Down Dale
1.9 Shirocco and Mistral
1.10 In the Sun
1.11 None But One
1.12 Hills
1.13 Cool Alpine

Niobe: White Hats

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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