Nirvana: Incesticide

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Release Date: 12/31/2025
Artist: Nirvana

Artist: Nirvana
Title: Incesticide
Product Type: VINYL LP

Green vinyl LP reissue of this 1992 album of rarities, originally issued to combat bootleggers who had been flooding the market with similar items following the success of their ground-breaking album Nevermind. 15 tracks including 'Sliver', 'Molly's Lips', 'Been a Son', 'Stain' and more. Geffen. *Please note that this vinyl pressing features 'For Promotional Use Only' printed on the artwork. PENDING N/R: TBA PENDING N/R: TBA PENDING N/R: TBA PENDING N/R: TBA

1.1 Dive
1.2 Sliver
1.3 Stain
1.4 Been a Son [Mark Goodier Session]
1.5 Turnaround [John Peel Session]
1.6 Molly's Lips [John Peel Session]
1.7 Son of a Gun [John Peel Session]
1.8 (New Wave) Polly [Mark Goodier Session]
1.9 Beeswax
1.10 Downer
1.11 Mexican Seafood
1.12 Hairspray Queen
1.13 Aero Zeppelin
1.14 Big Long Now
1.15 Aneurysm [Mark Goodier Session]

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