Nits: Angst

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Nits

Artist: Nits
Title: Angst

2017 album from the veteran Dutch art rock band. Angst is the trio's first studio album since 2012's Malpensa. It was recorded spring '17 at the Nits' home-base studio de Werf in Amsterdam. The album contains all new tracks, written by Henk Hofstede, Rob Kloet and Robert Jan Stips. Angst covers many subjects including the occupation and liberation of Holland and life in post-war Germany. Elvis on a train trip along the Rhine in the 50's. Riding on a moped through Germany heading for the south. Grandmother knitting a sweater to protect you against the cold and the unknown. In short, it's a classic Nits album!

1.1 Yellow Socks ; Angst
1.2 Flowershop Forget-Me-Not
1.3 Radio Orange
1.4 Lits-Jumeaux
1.5 Two Sisters
1.6 Pockets of Rain
1.7 Along a German River
1.8 Cow with Spleen
1.9 Breitner on a Kreidler
1.10 Zundapp Nach Oberheim

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