Nitzer Ebb

Nitzer Ebb: Belief

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Artist: Nitzer Ebb

Artist: Nitzer Ebb
Title: Belief

Merging the musical lexicon of the dance floor with their own dark musings, Nitzer Ebb evokes an occasionally stunning mix of techno and industrial on their second full-length effort. At it's best, Belief is a captivating call to surrender the pretensions of free will and control; escape is only possible through dance. The vocals, which alternate between athletic direction and threatening whispers, reveal an internal dialogue at work that both bullies and stalks the listener. Mute. 2001.

1.1 Heart and Minds
1.2 For Fun
1.3 Control I'm Here
1.4 Captivate
1.5 Twa
1.6 Blood Money
1.7 Shame
1.8 Drive Without Belief
1.9 K.I.A. (PK Mix)
1.10 Control I'm Here (S.D.I Mix)
1.11 Without Belie (Inst)

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