No Age

No Age: Weirdo Rippers

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: No Age

Artist: No Age
Title: Weirdo Rippers
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited vinyl LP pressing. By now the two young heavyweights from the LA skate/art/punk underworld, No Age, are a well-known and established part of the indie pantheon. After working out their sound in the LA scene revolving around the now fabled venue the Smell, they decided to release five ltd. Vinyl only releases on a variety of DIY indie labels across the globe on the same day. Their debut LP release for FatCat, Weirdo Rippers, is a collection of recorded highlights taken from the aforementioned releases.

1.1 Every Artists Needs a Tragedy 3:38
1.2 Boy Void 1:45
1.3 I Wanna Sleep 2:59
1.4 My Life's Alright Without You 1:59
1.5 Everybody's Down 2:20
2.1 Sun Spots 1:22
2.2 Loosen This Job 3:40
2.3 Neck Escaper 2:08
2.4 Dead Plane 4:12
2.5 Semi-Sorted 3:46
2.6 Escarpment 4:01

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