No Comment: Live on Kxlu 1992

No Comment: Live on Kxlu 1992
Artist: No Comment
Title: Live on Kxlu 1992
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Vinyl LP pressing. Along with other Power Violence bands such as Crossed Out, Capitalist Casualties and Man is the Bastard, No Comment, were influential in what was known to become the West Coast Power Violence scene for their aggressive musical and conceptual take on the Hardcore Punk genre. The band's vocalist, Andrew Beattie, confessed to liking both the Metal and Hardcore but hating the typical big name crossover bands.

1.1 Dead Stare for Life
1.2 Past Tense
1.3 Sarcastics
1.4 Distant
1.5 Hurt
1.6 Hacked to Chunks
1.7 Lament
1.8 Soiled By Hate
1.9 Downsided
1.10 Push Down and Turn
1.11 Curtains

No Comment: Live on Kxlu 1992

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Product-type:7-INCH SINGLE

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