No Remorse for the Fallen

No Remorse for the Fallen: No More Good Days

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Artist: No Remorse for the Fallen
Title: No More Good Days

NRFTF's Complete Biography ~No Remorse for the Fallen~ No Remorse for the Fallen, also known as NRFTF, is a six-piece metal band originating from Philadelphia, PA. The band's name is a statement on life, a constant reminder to never give up because there is no remorse for failing. They have released three live demos, Live In Reading Not To Be Confused With Reading, Black Thunder & White Lightning, and The Perfect Gentlemen. They also released their first studio recorded demo entitled The Flying Fortress EP. Their first LP, entitled No More Good Days, will be released on March 25, 2011. ~History~ In The Beginning No Remorse for the Fallen was formed in late 2007. It was the original brainchild of guitarists Paul Johnson and David Lamote which emerged from jam sessions simply called Comotose. In 2008 bassist Bill Caban and drummer Dave Sullivan joined the group. That's when they adopted the name No Remorse for the Fallen. Shortly after Dave Sullivan was replaced by drummer Bradford James Beall. A few months later vocalist JT Cage joined the fray. Shortly after joining, JT Cage had to leave the group due to personal reasons. He was then replaced by Zachary Weller. The band then released their first live demo entitled Live In Reading, Not To Be Confused With Reading. This live EP, and their future releases, were recorded at The Silo Nightclub in Reading, PA. B.T.W.L. and The Perfect Gentlemen In late 2008, vocalist JT Cage returned to NRFTF to do vocals alongside Zach Weller bringing the band to a six-piece. Shortly after, Zach was replaced by vocalist Rob Sands. Early 2009, NRFTF released their next live EP Black Thunder & White Lightning. The title hints at the dual vocal partnership of JT and Rob. A few months later, NRFTF, released their next Live EP entitled The Perfect Gentlemen. This was the most sought after Live EP to date. It debuted early versions of tracks 'This Place Is Death' and 'Surrender'. Soon after this release, Rob and NRFTF parted ways, and the band continued as a five-piece. The Flying Fortress EP During the summer of 2009, NRFTF recorded their first ever studio demo called The Flying Fortress EP. It was recorded and produced by Mike Birchaurd at Forge Studios in Philadelphia, PA. It featured the title track 'Flying Fortress', 'Surrender', and 'Chivalry Is Dead'. It was released during the fall of 2009. 'Chivalry Is Dead' became a single and received radio play on during the Blastzone Radio Show. Shortly after the release of The Flying Fortress EP, Bill Caban made the switch from bass to second vocalist, and Don Peters joined NRFTF on bass. Thus making the band a six-piece again. This is the current and complete lineup of No Remorse for the Fallen. No More Good Days No Remorse for the Fallen is set to release their debut full length CD entitled No More Good Days. It was recorded by Ian Wright (Lethean) at The Rock Office, and was self produced by NRFTF. Though not a complete concept album, it hints at themes like the end of the world with tracks such as 'Psyche Of Things To Come', 'Fresh Prince Saves The Day', and the title track 'No More Good Days'. It also portrays rays of hope in the song 'End Of The Tunnel'. No More Good Days will be released on March 25, 2011, and they are currently in the planning stages for a summer tour. There is also an untitled DVD in the making. NRFTF has already began work on their next album. ~Members~ JT Cage - Vocals (2008 - present) Bill Caban - Vocals (2008 - present) Paul 'Stubbs' Johnson - Guitar (2007 - present) David Lamote - Guitar (2007 - present) Bradford James - Drums (2008 - present) Don Peters - Bass (2009 - present) Former Dave Sullivan - Drums (2008) Zach Weller - Vocals (2008) Rob Sands - Vocals (2009) ~Discography~ 2008 - Live In Reading, Not To Be Confused With Reading - Self Released 1 - 'See You Later, Mexico' (Live) 2 - 'I Didn't Know Handgela Had Five Sisters' (Live) 3 - '123 Kid' (Live) 4 - 'Chivalry Is Dead, and Bitches Killed It' (Live) 5 - 'My Little Miley' (Live) Feb. 2009 - Black Thunder & White Lightning - Self Released 1 - 'Intro/Cake Eater' (Live) 2 - 'I Didn't Know Handgela Had 5 Sisters' (Live) 3 - 'My Little Miley' (Live) 4 - 'Chivalry Is Dead, And Bitches Killed It' (Live) 5 - 'Circus' (Live) 6 - 'See You Later Mexico' (Live) Apr. 2009 - The Perfect Gentlemen - Self Released 1 - 'We'd Like To Dedicate This Set To...' (Live) 2 - 'Intro/Chivalry Is Dead...And Bitches Killed It' (Live) 3 - 'My Little Miley' (Live) 4 - 'This Place Is Death (Rest In Pieces)' (Live) 5 - 'I Didn't Know Handgela Had Five Sisters' (Live) 6 - 'Surrender (Instrumental)' (Live) 7 - 'Circus' (Live) 8 - '123 Kid' (Live) 9 - 'Cake Eater' (Live) 10 - 'See You Later, Mexico' (Live) Nov. 2009 - The Flying Fortress EP - Self Released 1 - 'Chivalry Is Dead' 2 - 'Surrender' 3 - 'Flying Fortress' Mar. 2011 - No More Good Days - Self Released 1 - 'Exodus' 2 - 'The Psyche Of Things To Come' 3 - 'Swiftly Kanye'd' 4 - 'The Fresh Prince Saves The Day' 5 - 'That's What She Said!' 6 - 'No More Good Days' 7 - 'Burning Hammer' 8 - 'End Of The Tunnel' 9 - 'The End...'

1.1 Exodus
1.2 The Psyche of Things to Come
1.3 Swiftly Kanye'd
1.4 The Fresh Prince Saves the Day
1.5 That's What She Said!
1.6 No More Good Days
1.7 Burning Hammer
1.8 End of the Tunnel
1.9 The End

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