No Such Season

No Such Season: U.A.F.

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Artist: No Such Season

Artist: No Such Season
Title: U.A.F.

Following upon the success of their self titled EP on both sides of the Atlantic, US group No Such Season decided to release their first album and the result is U.A.F.. The title stands for "Underground as F#$%" and was drawn from the underground rock scene in which No Such Season lays it roots. The album is an embodiment of stoney heavy groove, grunge, rock that is edgy and gripping. It is electric and powerful with an abrasiveness of being scrapped across the cement before being dragged through the mud and slapped across the face with reality. With a multitude of songs drawing from different genres, there is something for everyone on this album. The song Party captures a classic vintage sound with a mix of Rob Zombie meets Pantera. 0300 is an encounter like none other featuring a heavy creepy grooves, haunting guitars, and rap like vocals. Giants will give you hints of Black Sabbath and make you brace for impact. Urban Death Groove will slam you to the ground, and relentlessly make you feel it. The album does have it softer sides with songs like Down River and 4th Seal bringing slow grooves and ambient guitars into the mix while Santos Bad JuJu will satisfy your punk rock urges. All inall, U.A.F. is an experience you will want to relive again and again. The album was recorded, engineered, produced and mastered by Terry Leroy Jenkins. Drums were recorded at Daunish Chaudry's home studio and guitars, bass, and vocals were recorded at Terry Leroy Jenkins studio. The album art was created by Jill Colbert of Manfish Inc.

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