Noah Hall

Noah Hall: Almost Satisfied

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Noah Hall

Title: Almost Satisfied
Label: CD Baby

I recorded Almost Satisfied with Jeff Stuart Saltzman, the mastermind behind my Whiskey Priest debut Hungry. Jeff and I invited some friends to help us add layers to each song. Jason Robbins, of The Comforters, played guitar on every track. Joe Harchanko wrote and played cello arrangements that evoke the longing and melancholy of the songs. Rachel Taylor Brown sang harmony vocals and played keys. Paul Brady played piano and otherworldly sounding keys. And James Gregg played trumpet, which I have always wanted to have on an album. Finally, Stan Keightley, Jr. added the finishing touches, in mastering, to make Almost Satisfied my best sounding album yet.

1.1 Never Not
1.2 Big Girl Now
1.3 Just Words
1.4 All I Wanted
1.5 You Won't Make a Sound
1.6 Another Lover's Retreat
1.7 Almost Satisfied
1.8 Black Mark
1.9 Fill
1.10 Ghost Kid
1.11 No Secret
1.12 Float Away

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