Noer Myers, Birthe

Noer Myers, Birthe: Have You Met the Wild Hyoties: Songs By Birthe

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Artist: Noer Myers, Birthe
Title: Have You Met the Wild Hyoties: Songs By Birthe

An inspired, joyful, beautiful album. A most fortunate meeting of lyrics and music. Dave catches the humor of Birthe's lyrics and makes them even more amusing. The songs will make you want to dance and laugh and smile and nod in agreement. The Shortest Day, a winter solstice song, belongs among the Christmas songs everyone knows and sings every Christmas. Birthe writes poetry and was looking for a composer for some of the poems she knew were really songs. Dave, a composer and song writer, had just finished his own album. Birthe sent him a heap of her poems, and Dave was so inspired that during one spring, he composed the melodies for all the songs on this album. Amberforth was the first of Birthe's poems to become a song with melody by Dave Lefever. There was no doubt that the melody was the right melody for the poem. The combination of lyric poetry by an elderly lady from Denmark and the folk inspired melodies by a young Pennsylvanian musician is marvelously successful. Hopefully more albums of Birthe Noer Myers's lyrics with Dave Lefever's melodies will follow.

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