Nomara: Nomara

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Artist: Nomara

Title: Nomara
Label: CD Baby

Nomara is a musical collaboration between singer/songwriter Kelly "Fierce" Burdge, Grammy nominated guitarist John LeCompt (Evanescence/We Are The Fallen/Machina) and Phil Taylor (Future Leaders of the World/Machina). In 2008, Kelly put a touring band together and hit the road playing shows from San Fransisco to Detroit. Opening for bands including Tesla and Pop Evil the music of Nomara was able to get in front of people for the first time. The response was great and is continuing to build speed and momentum each day. The music of Nomara is about love, hate, relationships, and rock & roll. "In Buddhism Mara is the lord of misfortune, sin, destruction and death. Mara is the ruler of desire and death, the two evils that chain man to the wheel of ceaseless rebirth. Mara reviles man, blinds him, guides him toward sensuous desires; once man is in his bondage, Mara is free to destroy him". Mara can be defined as the evil in all of us. In relationships, especially with people close to us, many of our actions including words can be used like darts to hurt and inflict pain. Over time, those words and actions wear and tear down others to the point that we lose them from our lives. The theme behind the music of Nomara is that our partners are not Mara, they are not the fight. The fight lies internally and should not be taken out on other people. Nomara means, "she is not Mara, she is not your fight." Enjoy!

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