Nonce: World Ultimate

Nonce: World Ultimate
Artist: Nonce
Title: World Ultimate
Product Type: VINYL LP

Triple vinyl LP pressing. The debut album of The Nonce, World Ultimate, has always been one of those records that we at HHV were digging from day one. The lo-fi but warm sample based beats combined with the smooth raps by Sach and Yusef made it one of those instant classics from the golden era that most of us diggers wanted to have. Lucky if you had a copy of the very sought after 2LP, you wouldn't sell or trade it by now. You can imagine what the re-release of this all-time classic through our HHV label means to us. What we have here is a triple album edition in gatefold sleeve with all new artwork by the very talented Ian Johnson. You get the complete album plus 12 unreleased Nonce beats unearthed by Sach. The sleeve features extensive liner notes by Sach on the history of the crew plus painted crew shots by Ian.

1.1 On the Air
1.2 Keep It on
1.3 Bus Stops
1.4 The West Is
1.5 Mixtapes
1.6 Testing
1.7 World Ultimate
1.8 Good to Go
1.9 On the Road Again
1.10 Hoods Like to Play
1.11 J to the I
1.12 Eighty Five
1.13 Mixtapes (1926 Sunday Night Remix)
1.14 Song for MTM
1.15 Sketch for MTM
1.16 Song for Steve Studious
1.17 Over By Marvin
1.18 Mid City Meloncholy
1.19 Yusef Grows
1.20 Before
1.21 Song for RT
1.22 She Needs Attention
1.23 Beat for BJ
1.24 Song for Xaverier
1.25 Study in Technique

Nonce: World Ultimate

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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