Norm: I Belong 2 You

Norm: I Belong 2 You
Title: I Belong 2 You
Label: CD Baby

Hawaii Music Award Winner Reggae Album of the Year Male Vocalist of the Year "I Belong 2 U," took the islands by storm with the blockbuster hits "Groove Witcha," and "Lonely," propelling Norm's popularity to new heights and garnering him Hawaii Music Awards for Reggae Album of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year. Most of the tracks are danceable and upbeat, so you can kick off your next party with 'You Make Me Feel Like Dancin,' 'Jello,' and Norm's version of the Untouchable's 'What's Gone Wrong?' Head for the dance floor with your honey on 'Groove Witcha' and steal her heart with 'Lonely.' Cruisin comes to mind with the urban sounds of 'Summatime,' 'Open Up,' and 'In These Islands,' with Sudden Rush and T-man. 'Venus,' a 'Norm mix' of the Frankie Avalon classic, and 'Casanova,' is a smooth groove 'just for ladies," and the title track is pure love sprinkled with sweet harmonies. Crank up the music, dance up a storm and go after that kiss - anything's possible with 'I Belong 2 U.'

1.1 You Make Me Feel Like Dancin'
1.2 Groove Witcha
1.3 What's Gone Wrong
1.4 Jello
1.5 Lonely
1.6 Summatime
1.7 Open Up - Big Every Time, J.D. ; The Ravens, Norm, Papa Too Sweet
1.8 Somethins Got Me Going
1.9 Rock Me Tonight
1.10 Venus
1.11 I Belong 2 U
1.12 In These Islands

Norm: I Belong 2 You

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