Norma Jean

Norma Jean: Gotta' Start Lovin' Me

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Artist: Norma Jean

Artist: Norma Jean
Title: Gotta' Start Lovin' Me

Her music is a reflection of life. You can see that the singer songwriter pulls from a broad spectrum of musical genres. As you listen, you can hear the bluesy overtones, the clarity of a country song mixed with the melody of a pop classic topped off with a little bit of soul. She is unique, with her own style musically and personally. When you hear her perform her own wonderful brand of bluesy soulful pop, you will laugh with her, cry with her and she will leave you breathless in the end. And once you hear the singer songwriter, perform her original tunes, you will be like the rest of us wondering what will she write and sing about next. She writes about life, the kinds the things that people want to hear about; the things they can relate to in their lives. It is the kind of music that speaks to your soul. The songs she chooses to write and sing about if they're not about you; there is somebody that you know who's lived the lyrics of Norma Jean's songs. Because of her philosophical side, she is a songwriter who loves to leave people thinking. And even though you can count of Norma Jean to tell it like it is about life she likes to do it with a sense of humor.

1.1 The Money Train - Norma Jean
1.2 Gotta' Start Lovin' Me - Norma Jean
1.3 It's My Time to Cry - Norma Jean

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