Norman Nardini

Norman Nardini: Redemption

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Artist: Norman Nardini

Artist: Norman Nardini
Title: Redemption

These sixteen songs were all originally recorded by Pittsburgh blues-rocker Norman Nardini from 1977 through 1988, and have etched themselves in the annals of Steel City rock history.

1.1 Ready Freddy
1.2 Can't Kill Love with a Gun
1.3 That Girl
1.4 Nothin' to Lose
1.5 Heat of the Night
1.6 Weekend
1.7 Rick N' Roll City
1.8 A Man Like Me
1.9 Gorilla
1.10 Rich Kid
1.11 High Times
1.12 Love Dog
1.13 Burnin' Up
1.14 Armed and Dangerous
1.15 Rock You
1.16 Under Cover Lover

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