Northern Cree Singers

Northern Cree Singers: Dance Hard

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Product Type: CD

Title: Dance Hard
Label: Canyon Records

The Northern Cree Singers of Saddle Lake, Alberta, Canada are one of the top-ranked pow-wow drums in North America. Their unique style of songs and their explosive energy keep them in high demand as a host drum and a favorite of many dancers, singers and pow-wow enthusiasts. Recorded live at Poundmaker's Lodge in Alberta, this recording captures one of their most intense performances to date.

1.1 Grand Entry
1.2 Intertribal Song
1.3 Women's Traditional Song
1.4 Intertribal Song
1.5 Fancy Dance Trick Song
1.6 Intertribal Song (Whistled)
1.7 Jingle Dress Dance
1.8 Intertribal Song
1.9 Traditional Song
1.10 Round Dance

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