Not on My Watch

Not on My Watch: Not on My Watch

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Not on My Watch

Title: Not on My Watch
Label: CD Baby

Music for the conservative American Patriot. We'll call it Patriot Rock! Look mom, a new genre! American Conservatives are angered right now with the direction of this country and the irresponsibility of it's flawed leadership. SO ARE WE, so we have given a musical voice to that anger and discontent with this 5 song EP. Direct, unvarnished and pulls no punches, it tells it like it is through the eyes of those that are working to change the dangerous course this country was put on 2 1/2 years ago. A band out of North Georgia, Not On My Watch plans to continue releasing songs in 5 song Ep's. 'On the edge of town where I grew up, the old house was leaning, the windows boarded up. The porch was still standing where that guitar was played the family's gone but their echo still remains.' - Johnny Bailey ' We feel as though the people of America are under attack by their own government. They attack our way of life without provocation, and treat us as though the people of America are here for them, instead of the other way around.' says Johnny Bailey; Singer/songwriter and drummer for Not On My Watch. 'Small business is no longer permitted to thrive, no jobs are being created, which is leaving millions of our own brethren living hand to mouth. We need jobs to get America back to work, not handouts extracted from working people struggling to support their OWN families. Wealth re-distribution has failed in absolutely every country it has ever been instituted in, and it is failing miserably here in America.' Bailey says. 'Meanwhile, the bills of millions of Americans AND the government continue to pile up.' 'You'd call this a town that's dying way too soon. To me it's got a name, it's Liberalism's Ruins.' - Johnny Bailey.

1.1 Taxed Enough Already
1.2 Not on My Watch
1.3 Soul of the Patriot
1.4 Rain on Me
1.5 Liberalism's Ruins

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