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Not Too Late: Not Too Late

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Artist: Not Too Late

Artist: Not Too Late
Title: Not Too Late

Not Too Late is a Christian band ministry formed in 2007 with the intent of reaching the world with a life changing message using music relevant to today's culture. Each band member, Dawn Shaffer, Debbie Loftis, Craig Wetherby, and Dave Turner is encouraged to share their God given songs and talents in this ministry thus resulting in the variety of music on this album. Dawn Shaffer, the primary vocalist, has formal vocal training including opera, and contributes the powerful vocals you hear in her song Baptize Me, jazzy blues in Dave's song, We Must, and sweet harmonies you hear in her song Oak Tree Root and the remake of Refiner's Fire. The guitarist, Debbie Loftis, who teaches guitar in three different music schools, let's loose her rock influences with searing guitar solos in several songs throughout the album including her song Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth, then some bluesy licks sprinkled though out Craig's song, God on Your Side, and winds it down with acoustic12-string arpeggios in her song, She Needs You, Jesus. Though Craig Wetherby's primary function in the band is bass player, his classical piano training and choir experience adds some extra flavor to this album as heard in his piano part contributing to the sultry sound of We Must. His funk and pop influence can be heard in his acoustic and bass playing in his song, Big God and Deb's song My Jesus. Craig is also the author of the band's title song, Not Too Late. The drummer, Dave Turner, put his five years of formal percussion training to use along versatile drumming style, keeping up with the diversity of the album from cymbal swells and thundering bass drum dynamics to foot tapping rhythms.

1.1 Not Too Lake
1.2 My Jesus
1.3 God on Your Side
1.4 Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth
1.5 Big God
1.6 Oak Tree Root
1.7 Baptize Me
1.8 We Must
1.9 She Needs You, Jesus
1.10 Refiner's Fire

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