Nothing to Declare

Nothing to Declare: Your Obsession

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Product Type: CD

Title: Your Obsession
Label: CD Baby

Nothing to Declare's 1st. Album 'Your Obsession' release on May 15th 2013. Check out the songs on the band's YouTube page! 1. The Life, The Death. 2. Your Obsession 3. Make Me, Break Me, Baby 4. The Hit 5. Born To Be Mild 6. Close To Nothing 7. Voices 8. Somebody Wants Me Dead.

1.1 The Life, the Death
1.2 Your Obsession
1.3 Make Me, Break Me, Baby
1.4 The Hit
1.5 Born to Be Mild
1.6 Close to Nothing
1.7 Voices
1.8 Somebody Wants Me Dead

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