Nowell Sing We Clear

Nowell Sing We Clear: Nowell Sing We Four

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Nowell Sing We Clear
Title: Nowell Sing We Four

1.1 The Boys' Carol
1.2 The Cherry Tree Carol
1.3 Carol (While Shepherds Watched)
1.4 Come and I Will Sing You
1.5 Hunting the Wren
1.6 The Wren Boys' Song
1.7 Over the Hill and Over the Dale
1.8 Old Christmas/Shooting Recitation
1.9 The Ram Song
1.10 Welladay (Christmas's Lamentation)
1.11 The Boar's Head Carol
1.12 The Praise of Christmas
1.13 The Rag Dance Song (La Guignol E)/Pays D'haut
1.14 Rolling Downward

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