Nyman / Di Diore, Francesco

Nyman / Di Diore, Francesco: Pianosequenza - Piano Music in Film

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Product Type: CD

Title: Pianosequenza - Piano Music in Film
Label: Zefir

Zefir Records presents Pianosequenza, a new solo album by Italian composer and pianist Francesco di Fiore. The Italian term "Piano-Sequenza" (sequence shot) is a well-known filming technique that consists of a whole sequence filmed in a single shot. Borrowing the term from the cinema and playing on words, PianoSequenza consists of a program entirely dedicated to original soundtracks for solo piano. Music on the album comes from The Truman Show, The Hours, Amélie, The Piano, At Precisely Six O'clock, When Medicine Got It Wrong. Francesco di Fiore (b. 1966, Palermo) started his concert career in 1986, performing hundreds of concerts worldwide. He appears regularly at international festivals presenting his compositions and also music by other contemporary composers.

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