Nypc: Nypc

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Nypc

Title: Nypc
Label: The Numbers
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double vinyl LP pressing. 2013 album from the band formerly known as New Young Pony Club. Recorded and self produced in London, singer Tahita Bulmer and multi-instrumentalist Andy Spence decided to shut everything and everyone else out. Their partnership is Nypc - and their creative chemistry and shared vision is what makes Nypc their most forward-thinking and refined album so far. They began to work on Nypc in early 2011. After they released their skittering single 'You Used to Be a Man' last May they realized this was the blueprint for the rest of the album - smart, minimal and sophisticated pop music that would be more intelligent than dumbed-down chart fodder. Nypc draws on the strengths of their last two albums but pushes it forward into new, uncharted territory proceeded by the coquettish rattle-and-hum of 'Hard Knocks'.

1.1 Hard Knocks
1.2 Sure As the Sun
1.3 Things You Like
1.4 Now I'm Your Gun
1.5 I Came Through for You
1.6 You Used to Be a Man
1.7 Overtime
1.8 Play Hard
1.9 Everything Is
1.10 L.O.V.E

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