O.M.P. (Orange Mound Player): Smooth

O.M.P. (Orange Mound Player): Smooth
Title: Smooth
Label: CD Baby

BONUS TRACK INCLUDED: for a total of 14 Tracks. Cash Flow Records presents chemiZtry - The Dope Beat Maker formerly know as O.M.P. - Orange Mound Player chemiZtry is the ONLY artist that held the #1 spot on mp3.com for 2 years in a row with his HIT song 'Shake 'em Off' on his 'The Underground Compilation' CD, it's the most slept on CD yet!!! All of his productions are the tightest rap productions to ever leave the streets of Orange Mound straight to y'all streets; with all original tracks, this album, the other 11, and their beats are definitely the bomb! Tracks include a balanced blend of OMPs laid back vocal blends and soulful, street-conscious singing (all done over chemiZtry's Titeaskat Production of course.) which blend perfectly over the hard beats and basslines that top any similar efforts to date. With both superb lyrics and delivery, it's hard to determine which is smoother. chemiZtry has also produced tracks for several Memphis artists, most recently including King Goldie and OCF of Diamond Ring Records. Kingpin Skinny Pimp, MVP, Playa Fly, Tommy Wright III. Once you hear the feel that chemiZtry has in taking Memphis Rap to the next level, you will definitely conclude that every track he's touched certainly makes the listener want to rewind over and over and over again and again. This album will definitely head the charts. If you like the Hot Boys, 8 Ball and MJG, you will definitely want to add this one to your collection.

1.1 Get Wit Me
1.2 Open Your Mynd
1.3 It's Time
1.4 Home Alone
1.5 I Hear Voices
1.6 Funky Ride
1.7 Love Turns 2 Murdah
1.8 Gettin' Faded (Feat. Rivaman)
1.9 Another Nite on Tha Town
1.10 S E X!
1.11 S M O O O O T H
1.12 Get Yo Hips in Motion
1.13 Money Rules Everything

O.M.P. (Orange Mound Player): Smooth

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